Set decor & prop styling

set decor for home goods brand

About the project
The main goals of this project were to showcase the brand's products, create an inviting and festive ambiance, and emphasize the versatility of the tableware for various occasions, making it a practical choice for a wide range of uses. During the styling process, I also had to consider that the photos would be published on various platforms, both online and in the store's catalogue. Therefore, it was crucial to ensure that there was ample space in the shot to seamlessly add promotional information during post-production.

Brand Domovoy
Photo False Media
Set design Aleksandra Vidakas-Tsoy

set decor for the handbag brand

About the project
Brand Beautiful Birds
Production & photo Kate Lungu
Set design Aleksandra Vidakas-Tsoy

set design for video production

about the project
Production Kate Lungu
Set design Aleksandra Vidakas-Tsoy



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